Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Too Late To Be Witty

"Taste Great, Less Filling" Debate Hampers 9/11 Rescue Efforts
The 9/11 Commission, who are now conducting hearings in NYC, spanked the FDNY & NYPD today for a lack of cooperation on that fateful day, characterizing it as "not worthy of the Boy Scouts." The Commission concluded that long standing rivalries between Police and Fire hampered rescue efforts, which I imagine translated to lives lost. I never did understand the post-9/11 canonization of NY Police and Fire, especially in the wake of stories like this. Also, my co-worker, a life-long resident of the city, has some nice stories about back in the day when members of the FDNY & NYPD would fist fight for who had jurisdiction over a crime scene. Heroes? I'm not convinced.

Freedom Of The Press To Be Forced Into Gay Pyramids
Now Reuters and NBC journalists are claiming abuse at the hands of the great liberators. All the familiar elements are there; beatings, sexual humiliation, and photos, photos, photos. "Two of the three Reuters staff said they had been forced to insert a finger into their anus and then lick it, and were forced to put shoes in their mouths, particularly humiliating in Arab culture." Who says the US military doesn't understand Muslim culture?

The Breakfast That's More Than I Make In 2 Weeks

--MC No Shame, loving the new Ghostface. Well, almost all of it.