Friday, May 07, 2004

what could be worse than the pyramids??

Are there going to be videos of even more repressed homosexual torture?Head son of a bitch in charge, Donald Rumsfeld, said today that he has seen more video and pictures of abuse from Abu Ghraib and says that if any of the images were to get out it would make the situation "much worse". This leads me to ask the obvious question, what the hell could be worse than little boy rape and forced homoerotic pyramids? Holy hell, it makes me shudder to think.

We're losing the fat and lazy market!!Apparently the low-carb craze that has been unhealthily (ketosis anyone?) sweeping america is even having an affect on the glory that is Krispy Kreme. Come on people! Even Krispy Kreme is healthier than Atkins. How about this, eat Krispy Kreme again but then exercise regularly. You'll be fine you lazy bastards.

-Hakujin Joe