Monday, May 24, 2004

feeling froggy? Jump.

Is banning the KKK a real hotbed issue? In Kentucky they are moving to ban the KKK from the state college campus and to get them classified as a terrorist organization. How awesome would it be if the KKK was labeled a terrorist organization? You could finally make cheeramids with people who would probably have no complaints! Although lynching hasn't happened for a long time, it is a strictly American phenomena. Another point for us! Go 'merica!!!

Remember all those shady deals we made with you? now you have to help ME out. In a totally not shocking or surprising move, former governor Bush's playmates and close friends, the Saudis have decided to up oil production despite the rest of OPEC not doing so. Shows you what being good friends with a brutal dictatorship can do for you in an election year. Now if only you could have pulled that card pre-9/11 and stopped all those Saudi Nationals from crashing into NYC....

It's like animal farm but with a shaved, smirking monkey. In a complete "everyone is equal but some people are more equal than others" moment. The US, in a December memo, claimed that not all iraqi prisoners were entitled to the full protections of the Geneva Convention laws on prisoners of war. Everyone is equal here unless we think you know more, then we'll sodomize you and beat you to death!! woooooooooo!!!!

Go ahead boys! rape and pillage all you want, Just don't take pictures this time!!!! After the probably not going to happen turn over of power in Iraq, the new "full sovereignty" state will not be able to arrest or try any of the soldiers there. How good of an idea does diplomatic immunity for 130,000 people sound to you? Cheeramid buildingly good?