Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Tonight, I'll Be Your Naughty Nerd

Cutting Taxes, Raising Spending, Making The Budget Defecit Neverending Senate Democrats are starting to wonder about the $120 billion pricetag for our nightmare in Iraq, especially in light of all the other ways that money could be used: like full college tuition for 750,000 people, a median US home for 685,000 people or eight years' salary for every Iraqi.

I Laughed When They Called Him A Satanist... and now I cry to read Timothy Noah from Slate call John Kerry a Stalinist. I want the grown-ups to come back.

And Now They Rape Rhetoric
Thanks to an overpaid defense team and a pushover judge, the accuser in the Kobe Bryant case will no longer be referred to as the "victim," but "the complaining witness." I'm sure Bryant's team gave the old college try to have her referred to solely as "the nagging slut."

Insert "Dutch Spring Break" Joke Here

-The Sikh Geek will be away photographing Sri Lankan acupuncturists for the next five days.