Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Did He Actually Just Call Them "The Turkey-People"?

Call It Evolution At Work An American study on mice has linked high-protein diets with an inability of women to bear children, claiming that that ideal protein intake for women hoping to conceive in only 20% of their total diet. If the Wall Street Journal can write an article claiming that life-hating Democrats have effectively aborted away their voting blocs, I feel no problem being smug that the future drinkers of C2 soda will never exist.

Bush Re-Election Financed By Lucrative Online Investors From Nigeria Either drunk with hubris or mind-numbingly stupid, the White House told government agencies this month that if re-elected (or illegally put back in power through massive voter fraud. again.) huge budget cuts will be given to the same domestic services that Bush is claiming to support and bolster during the election campaign.

I'm Sure Jack Ryan Is Getting Ready Too...

-The Sikh Geek is still in possession of his "No Fat Chicks" mug, you bhand-chots