Monday, June 07, 2004

Bedtime For Bonzo

Let's Call A Five-Minute Truce You Drunken, Fat Asshole Christopher Hitchens goes ape with animal metaphors in this scathing piece about Reagan, calling him at times "a cruel and stupid lizard" and "not even a hedgehog."

"Reaganism is shorthand for a particular culture of consumption, a reverie of militarism, of violence redeemed; of a manic, corrupted and malevolent idealism. The priorities of this culture at the directly political level were simple enough: the transfer of income from the poor to the rich, the expansion of war production and an 'activist' foreign policy, traditional in many ways but as Noam Chomsky has said, 'at an extreme end of the spectrum: intervention, subversion, aggression, international terrorism and general gangsterism and lawlessness, the essential content of the Reagan Doctrine.'"
-Alexander Cockburn

I'm Sorry Computer Monitor, Jerry Falwell Made Me Punch You I guess when you're an evangelical who ignores the 2,000 years of saint-making in the Christian faith, the best you can do is sanctify a man who sponsored death squads and showed little to no sympathy for the poor, hungry and sick.
P.S. Is it nerve or stupidity that is required to say of the first administration under a born-again Christian president, "Faith in the Oval Office had deteriorated under President Carter."?

"As forgetful and irresponsible as he was, he forgot to take his worst works to the grave. He, who never should have been born, has died."
-Cuban national radio

-The Sikh Geek, still pissed he missed out on the MLWL Reagan death party