Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Cause This Blog Is Full Of Prudish Cockblockers, And I Can't Take It Anymore

Memo To All MLWL Staffers: Here's Where I'm Getting Your 'Secret Santa' Gifts
This one goes out to you, Sikh Geek.

The Few, The Proud
After reading a recent Op-Ed in the NY Times by William Safire I got to thinking that maybe I shouldn't always blame America first. America's enemies are threatening our borders, our love of freedom, and our white women. Young, patriotic, able-bodied men of low income, few job skills, and scant educational opportunities are needed to battle the forces of evil and carry out the will of blue-blooded oil execs and bellicose think tank monkeys. So I entreat every limp wristed MLWL reader to do his/her(cause they let broads in now) duty to God and country and sign up for the draft.

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--MC No Shame