Friday, July 23, 2004

When It's Time To Party We Will Party Hard

The Twilight Zone Of Blair's "Outer Limits" From earlier this week, British PM TOny Blaire admitted that he inflated the claim of Iraqi mass graves from 5,000 to 400,000. The week before Blair took responsibility for the Butler report which accused Downing Street of puhing intelligence to "the outer limits" to justify invading Iraq. Note to all lazy college students who plagerize and make shit up: you too can someday be a head of state.

As If The World Wasn't Scary Enough Scientists have now verified the existence of massive 10-storey tall freak waves believed to be behind the sinking of of supertankers and container ships.

The Country Of Fela Kuti Gets More Endearing A few yars ago rumours circulated in Nigeria that a handshake could cause sexual organs to disappear. Eventually mobs violently descended on people thought to have made bozacks vanish. The latest urban legend circulating in Lagos is that if you answer a call on your cell phone from a "killer number" you will die instantly, causing the country's mobile phone operators to reassure the public. They should get David Lee Roth on the case.

Hell Is The Abscence Of All Logic Remember that Salon article from the other day about the aseless freak-out over Syrian musicians flying from Detroit? Now witness this article heading from NewsMax, who as far as we know has the same access to newspapers and the internet as we do. "Last week NewsMax linked for several days to journalist Annie Jacobsen's widely reported eyewitness account of suspicious behavior by Arab men on a flight from the Muslim haven of Detroit to L.A. But her report is just the beginning."

Just When You Thought Ralph Nader Had The Most Worhtless Campaign

-The Sikh Geek