Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday, Cause That's My Funday

Vocal Weapons For Out-Loud Wars So much for subtle diplomacy. A Republican lawmaker was blasted after being quoted in a newspaper, saying that the GOP would fare poorly this year if it failed to "suppress the Detroit vote."

The Dog Ate My Homework and Then Vomited Up An Improved, Edited Version
Remember Bush's sketchy service records from his brave stint guarding Texan airspace during the Vietnam War? Remember how those records were mysteriously "destroyed" when the Pentagon tried to track them down? Well, on Friday ("released on Friday" is code for "damaging shit we want to fly under the weekend radar") the Pentagon miraculously found those destroyed documents and blamed their apparent former destruction on an "inadvertent oversight." Could the Pentagon get this excuse-filled bullshit past a 10th grade biology teacher?

Hello, America? We're Fucking Gross. Krispy Kreme introduced its new line of frozen drinks on Wednesday, including a drinkable version of its signature donut that comes in at 730 calories for a large.

Ain't Karma A Bitch On Friday a special prosecutor charged Mexican ex-president Luis Echeverria with the deaths and disappearances of 280 protestors in 1971, as well as the Cabinet members and generals who ordered troops to fire on the leftist student protest in Mexico City. And in the land of rishis and sages, India, a retrial is one step closer to occurring for a case in May 2003 that ended in an acquittal for a Hindu mob who murdered 14 Muslims, burning two of them alive in bakery ovens.

Induce One To Vomit II: Anti-Betamax Bugaloo In the initial fury of anti-downloading indignation, Consider Arms and myself would reminisce about the early 80s uproar over cassette piracy ("Home Taping Is Killing Music!") and chuckle. The first witness called in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the INDUCE Act (Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act), Marybeth Peters, amazingly called for the government to repeal the Betamax decision and hinted at the supposed quasi-legality of the VCR. Wow.

But He's In Pat Buchanan's Party While Taking GOP Money And Support This article from In These Times shows how Greens are smartly looking to the future by focusing on winning local elections and building a strong base, rather than fighting windmills in vanity runs for the presidency. The Greens advocate voting for their presidential candidate in cinched-up Democratic states and voting for Kerry in battleground states. "In the battleground states that will decide the election, we understand if you won’t vote for our ticket this time. That’s OK. A vote is a powerful and personal decision. You can register Green and support us in every other way possible, especially with votes for state and local Green candidates and contributions of your time and money."

End of the World Watch Solar flares a hundred times larger than imagined possible? The end of the earth's magnetic field? Changes in the earth's shape? Holy fuck.

-The Sikh Geek still can't believe that someone would actually call the Bush twins "young women who embody the future of our nation"