Saturday, July 31, 2004

This Just Ain't Right

Straight Outta Basrah!
A US soldier, Sgt. 1st Class James Williams, was recently convicted for carjacking an Iraqi sheik's SUV while on duty. According to his defense, Williams had no idea that he couldn't just take a civilian's vehicle. "In his mind there was nothing wrong with doing it."

This Summer's Roadtrips Are Gonna Be A Fucking Blast During the DNC in Boston, a Sikh student from BC was detained for seven hours by the Secret Service for taking photographs of his campus. According to the article, Sundeep Sahni was told by a SS agent during his interrogation "I don't want you pulling an Uzi from your turban."

No, The Polish Hamzah Ali Khan In Arizona the W team insisted on knowing the race of a photojournailst from the Arizona Daily Star who was assigned to photograph Cheney at a rally. The rally's organizer, Christine Walton, asked the ADS editors the race of the photog because it "was necessary to allow the Secret Service to distinguish her from someone else who might have the same name." I don't know about you, but I always get confused at the legion of people named "Mamta Popat" I encounter everyday. Is this the security we live under post 9-11? Gradeschool stereotypes about "weird names" and "funny feelings" about men with beards? I feel safer already.

That Same Great Instability With A New Kick Of Massive Opium Production! "A British parliamentary committee has warned that Afghanistan is likely to 'implode, with terrible consequences' unless more troops and resources are sent to calm the country. The all-party Foreign Affairs Select Committee, in a report released Thursday, said warlord violence and the struggle between U.S.-led troops and insurgents continues to be a threat to security in Afghanistan. The wide-ranging report on the war against terrorism also said raised concerns over the failure of the UK government and its allies to limit the production of opium in Afghanistan."

-The Sikh Geek, tying his turban over his AK-47