Sunday, July 11, 2004

Might As Well Work Double-Shifts On The Weekend Too

France's Glorious Tradition of Tolerance Continues
Six North African men assaulted a gentile woman and her baby on a Parisian metro Saturday, calling her a Jew and drawing swastikas on her. A North African neo-Nazi attack on a non-Jewish Jew? WTF. At least there were no turbans involved.

When The Buck You Pass Comes Back To Bite You In The Ass "The Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly told the White House after the Sept. 11 attacks that evidence linking Iraq to Al Qaeda was "murky" and conflicting. That judgment contrasted starkly with the Bush administration's depiction of a close, well-documented relationship, which it used to justify the war in Iraq, according to the findings of a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report released Friday."

But Will There Be Any Grown-Ups Around To Eat It?
Now you have the right condiment to enjoy your Freedom Fries with. Upset at the prospect of Heinz ketchup sales going to back the devil incarnate himself, John Kerry, some jackass has come out with a conservative ketchup named "W." Check out the official site here. "W Ketchup comes in one flavor: American."

The Starbucks Nut Gets A Little More Legit MC No Shame, your quest to see every WeinerSchnitzel franchise just got a little less ridiculous.

-The Sikh Geek