Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Spoiled Brat of Truth Sticking Her Tongue Out at a Press of Falsehood

Wouldn't Switching From "The War President" To "The Peace President" Technically Be Flip-Flopping? I want to be held under the covers by a dictionary and cuddled, cause I think I just got fucked by the Engligh language.

Why Yes. Yes They DO Really Talk Like That. "
The great argument of American civilization at this time is between those who covet our heritage and those who disdain our collective achievements. An example of this liberal Anglo-American antipathy to the accomplishments of Anglo-American civilization is on display in the new TNT mini-series 'The Grid.'" Tell me someone got PoliSci 105 credit for this...

Video Of John Stewart On Talking Points This is fantastic. How did the news channels end up delivering unintenional comedy, and the comedy channel end up delivering news?

Avoid The ParaNoid The law is looking for a man who photographed oil refineries in Texas City, Texas, fearing that he might be part of an al-Qaeda plot. According to the article, "
While it is not illegal to take pictures of a refinery from a highway or street, officials would like to talk to the man to find out his reason for taking the photographs." And in other illegal legal behavior, 14 Syrian musicians freaked out a Northwest flight from Detroit to Los Angeles by having luggage, standing around and talking to each other, as well as going to the bathroom. Sadly, even the author of the Salon piece can't resist the chummy bullshit thinking that, hey, we all KNOW where terrorists come from, right? So even if we'd like to think that we're better than agreeing to stereotyping and racial profiling, we can still feel comfortable in openly fearing brown people who talk funny.

And I Thought MC No Shame Was The Coolest Retard Working In The Media... How's your news now sir?

-The Sikh Geek