Saturday, February 12, 2005

What Will Happen To The Zapatistas Now That Kaffiyehs Are All The Rage With Talkivists?

Still Riding On That Post-Election Glow
"A car bomb exploded in front of a hospital south of Baghdad, killing 17 and wounding 16. A suicide driver rammed a US Bradley fighting vehicle and exploded in Salaheddin province north of Baghdad, injuring three soldiers. Two Iraqi civilians were killed during a clash between US troops and insurgents in Mosul. US Marines killed two insurgents during an attack Friday night on a Marine position near Husaybah along the Syrian border. At least 31 people were killed Friday, including 23 in the two sectarian attacks. In an attack on the bakery in eastern Baghdad, gunmen in several cars blocked the street in front of the shop and stormed inside, shooting and killing 11 people, police said. The assailants escaped."

Apparantly, 30 Better Than Our Syncronicity Fetish After a two-year abscence, the number 53 has finally appeared in the Venetian lottery. The number (or lack of it) had been blamed for several deaths and bankruptcies, and when it appeared a consumer group called Codacons, which had called for a banning of the number from the lottery, declared that the "bewitchment" of Italy had finally ended.

Two Steps Away From Blaming Budget Problems On "Evil Robots From The Future" "In a fiery speech to Republican faithful Friday evening, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ridiculed Democrats as wasteful spending 'addicts' who have been taking 'sleeping pills,' and he characterized California's problems as stemming from 'evil.'" This after calling the state Democrats "lazy" and "girlie men." Great job California.

There Are No Words Tom Sizemore
Or maybe there are two: "The Whizzinator."

-The Sikh Geek