Tuesday, February 01, 2005

So THAT'S What 200 Boxes of Cake Mix Looks Like!

Put On A Coat, It's Going To Get Drafty
The Church of the Bretheren (similar to the Quakers and Mennonites) has been contacted by Selective Service who requested that they have "alternate service" programs in place in case of a draft. Officials deny that these requests were in advance of a draft. Rather they said that "Alternative Service Director Cassandra Costley stopped by the Brethren Service Center simply because she was in the area." Right...

That Sounds Awfully Familiar...
Nice piece from a weblog called Critical Montages that dug up a clip from elections in Vietnam that echo the printed page pep rally of the past few days.

Space Travelers, Writers For A Conservative Website or Demonic Deceivers? From our favorite online Hillary-haters, WorldNetDaily, comes a little gem from their bookstore. Weirdos.

Big Ups To Vanity Fair! Vanity Fair? Who voiced the strongest public opposition to the $40 million coronation/inauguration? Try Judy Bachrach from Vanity Fair, who turned a three-minute fluff piece on Fox News into an exciting and uncomfortable mess when she butted heads with the 3am Cinemax talking head and said that the ball wouldn't keep the troops safe in their flimsy Humvees.

Since The MLWL Has Felt So Lonely In The Absence Of Freedom Fries Here is as complete of an article as I could find about the Calvin peeing on whatever stickers.

-The Sikh Geek