Tuesday, February 15, 2005

...And You Will Know Them By Their Trial of Dead Links

Go CNN! Who the fuck cares if you're using the exact same sketchy photo to rep both Iranian and North Korean nuclear plants?! Like, aren't they both part of the evil quadrangle anyways?! Force someone else to resign and get Larry King to tell me how a hot supermodel figures into all of this.

My Head Hurts Let's get it organized. For two years the White House gave a daily press pass to a pseudo news reporter from GOP-bought-and-paid-for Talon News, so he could lob softball questions to Bush. Then he gets found out by the media. Then his gay prostitution on the side business also gets found out. Now he has ties to the Plame CIA leak mess?

Six Degrees of a Six-Point List From Empty-handed via Ameriblog via...
By its own admission, the White House has:
  1. Planted fake news stories on local TV stations to push its agenda
  2. Put journalists on the government payroll.
  3. Had supposed independent journalists testify to Congress when they were being paid off by the govt.
  4. Paid off journalists to push its agenda in the larger media.
  5. Launched unprecendented tactics to subpoena a number of reporters and try and force them to reveal confidential sources -- all about a story concerning a White House member who broke the law by revealing a CIA agent's identity, thus endangering the lives of friends to the US around the world.
  6. And now, planted fake journalists in the White House press room and passed them CIA documents to push its agenda.

To Think That Some Dude From ESPN and Some Dude From Comedy Central Are at the Top of the Shitheap... (from the blog of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann) "Ward Churchill says some detestable things about 9/11 victims, so the Governor of Colorado wants to squeeze him out of the University there. Marine Corps Lieutenant General James Mattis tells an audience in San Diego “it’s fun to shoot some people,” particularly in Afghanistan, and his superior officers ask him to please not say stuff like that again. Eason Jordan makes a remarkable gaffe, implying that the U.S. military is hunting journalists. He backs off within moments of the remark, apologizes, and still gets forced to resign from CNN. Brit Hume and other political commentators twist Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words to make it look like he would’ve supported President Bush’s partial privatization of Social Security, and nobody corrects their journalistic blunders, let alone resigns."

-The Sikh Geek