Thursday, February 24, 2005


God, And You Know, Stuff Like That A new study has found that "religion really does matter" to today's teens. It also discovered that their religious beliefs are rooted in ignorance and bullshit. "Though the phone survey depicted broad affinity with religion, the face-to-face interviews found that many teens' religious knowledge was "meager, nebulous and often fallacious" and engagement with the substance of their traditions remarkably shallow. Most seemed hard put to express coherently their beliefs and what difference they make. Many were so detached from the traditions of their faith, says the report, that they're virtually following a different creed in which an undemanding God exists mostly to solve problems and make people feel good. Truth in any absolute, theological sense, takes a back seat."

The Freedom To Fear For Your Own Safety According to a Amnesty International report, woman and girls live in daily fear of violence and sexual assault, two years after the liberation of Iraq and its blossoming into a beaconing neo-Athens of democracy and freedom. "The lawlessness which followed the overthrow of the dictator's regime has made the situation worse for women as the number of killings, abductions and rapes has increased."

Nothing Succeeds Like Success, And Corrupt Incompetence Play government for a moment. What would you do if a company with questionable ties to the vice president was rewarded huge government contracts and ended up overcharging the military by millions? You reward them with performance-based bonuses!

At Least He Didn't Use The "Omlette and Broken Eggs" Analogy Motherfucking liar, Richard Perle said during his recent debate that "I'm sometimes asked now that we know there were not weapons of mass destruction in Iraq shouldn't we re-evatulate the decisions to go to war and that seems to me a little bit like deciding at the end of the year not that it was foolish to have purchased insurance becuase your house didn't burn down." As DailyKos points out, "$300 billion and counting, 1,500 dead and over 10,000 maimed American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians either dead, maimed, or suffering the loss of their loved ones" is one motherfucker of an insurance policy, especially when the chance of the house of the US "burning down" from a non-existant WMD program is pretty slight.

-The Sikh Geek