Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Entie MLWL Staff Wears All White When Posting

It's not unusual for a nutcase to crash a sporting event (remember parachute man coming into the ring during the Evander Holyfield fight?) and it's not unusual for security at a major event like the Olympics to have holes in it. The following quote from this Yahoo piece on the retarded clown ballerina who crashed the synchronised diving event in Athens however, is totally fucking bizarre. "He stayed in the pool for several minutes before officials at the Aquatic Centre realised he was not supposed to be there and pulled him out."
Several minutes?!

Alan Keyes Is Crazy Like A Fox. A Paranoid Schizophrenic and Delusional Fox Note to Mr. Keyes, telling the voters of Illinois that we "asked" for 9-11 and that ending abortion is part of your anti-terrorism strategy probably isn't going to get you votes.

Don't Worry, Alex Jones Says That Kerry Will Win It
But only because everyone's favorite internet conspiracy theorist says he's related to everyone who was royal in the history of humanity.

The Best Metaphor For Our Current Foreign Policy

-The Sikh Geek