Monday, September 27, 2004

We're Sending Out The Search Party For MC No Shame, Hakujin Joe And L'il Antonin

It's Not A Tumor. It's An Hasta La Vista I'll Be Back Girlie Man Mess. I could comment on the Arnold mess in California and how he's pissed off the conservatives who got him into office, but I'm too busy giggling over the fact that Rev. Lou Sheldon believes a "drag-queen lobby" exists in the state. THAT would be a sight.

Why Be Pussies? Let's Take On The Planet Next!
I mean, Iraq has been going so well, why shouldn't we look ahead to our next uprovoked, unilateral and illegal war? Restart the "Iran War Watch" dudes, but split your bets between the Shi'ite stronghold and Syria.

Thirties Style Eugenics For Today! Now, I'm no expert on the details of the GOP's pro-life platform, but I'm pretty sure that sterilizing minors isn't a part of it. Someone should send the memo over to the office of Oklahoma Senate candidate Tom Coburn, who admits to sterilizing "lots" of underage girls as a doctor.

Just Go To The Other Side Already Joe Democratic Senator Leiberman, a candy and video-game fighting cross that Connecticut has had to bear for too long, has come out and told the press, "I don't find much difference between what (Kerry) is proposing (in Iraq) and what President Bush is doing." Way to play for your team dude.

It's Like A Horror Movie. A Lame, Senile And Overweight Horror Movie

-The Sikh Geek