Thursday, January 20, 2005

Reunited And It Feels So Good

DC Gets Ready To Party! (Rest Of The Planet Trembles In Fear...) A poll of 21 countries that was published yesterday shows how terrified the rest of the world is at the prospects of another four years of Bush. 18 of the 21 countries feared that Bush would have a negative impact on the world. Thankfully Poland still has the balls to represent! In a two-to-one margin, those surveyed said that W would have a negative impact on peace and security.

More Than Ironic Metal Posturing Jumping The Shark...

One Inaguration To Feel Not-So-Morbid About
On Sunday, the Ukraine's president-elect Victor Yushchenko will be sworn in after a crooked first election and literally getting the gasface from the agents of the KGB.

When Defiance Melts With A Slow Pathos

Saying Thousands Of Words When The Rest Don't Say Anything
It's telling that the most damning journalism to come out of the Iraqi War hasn't had a single word attached to it. The scandal at Abu Ghraib came from photographs while newspapers and television softened stats and reread Pentagon press releases. This incredible series of photographs from a shooting in Tal Afar says alot more than a flat line about "a shooting at a checkpoint" ever could.

Sometimes You Just WANT The Urban Legends To Be True

-The Sikh Geek curtesy of the general wireless internet policy at the Los Feliz library