Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Like A Swift Kick To The Groin. Followed By Another.

Bedtime for Democracy Part One and Part Two
Attorney General Alberto "Inhuman and Cruel is Still Cool" Gonzales and Madame Secretary Rice.

It's More Disturbing When You're Old Enough To Recognize The Inherently Dangerous Race-Baiting Say hello to the latest pro-wrestling superstar, Muhammad Hassan! Muhammad is a rough around the edges Arab stereotype who will make you feel allright about booing bullshit like Arabs in our country. Finally, an Iron Sheik for our times.

The Force Is Apparently Not With The Nerdy And Untouched A Seattle man was given the boot after attempting to squat outside a Cinerama Theatre for ALMOST FIVE MONTHS to see the new Star Wars movie. The Jedi Knight/douchebag was not angry so much at the evicting officers as he was at the city of Seattle itself. Said he, "...I also challenge the idea that you're wasting your time if you're not stuck in a cubicle all day." Yeah, a self-imposed bivouac on a sidewalk for over a third of a year to see a shitty Lucas film isn't a waste of time.

How Dare The Sacramento Bee Tarnish The Image Of Our Country's Heroes???!!! Because before 9-11 hysteria, the NYPD were most known for shooting immigrants and sodomizing detainees while firefighters were mostly thought of as scumbags who could be banging someone's wife.

Million-Dollar Bullshit Is the Telegraph better than FrontPage? Disability activists and anti-euthanasia groups are coming together to protest the Warner Brothers film Million-Dollar Baby and it's veiled second half "Hooray for killing the disabled and worthless!" plot twist. A woman from the National Spinal Cord Injury Association said that Clint Eastwood was guilty of using the "power of fame and film to perpetuate his view that the lives of people with disabilities are not worth living." A researcher for the group Not Dead Yet said the film, "plays out killing as a romantic fantasy and gives emotional life to the `better dead than disabled' mindset." There's always the chance that Clint just hates the handicapped. He did spend over half-a-million dollars to fight a court order to make his Carmel, California hotel handicapped-accessible (one images it as a greater sum than that of the actual renovations).

-The Sikh Geek