Thursday, February 26, 2004

why is the world biting my steez??

that's so 10 years ago Africa moving on from the past conspiracy theory of the UN is giving us aids through vaccines, now in Nigeria, where there is currently a gigantic polio outbreak, the Muslim clerics refuse to accept the vaccine because they claim it is a western plot to make their women infertile. Although a sad situation, i have to fell a bit more unnerved by a whole country of people picking up on conspiracy theories that i read about 10 years ago. It's kind of awesome in a "deformed and crippled child" kind of way.

Haiti in trouble: zombie worker party shambles onward well, haiti is a mess. No just in a dirty, i left my clothes on the floor way though. More like a burning cities and mass looting kind of way. Hatian rebels have seized at least half of the country and the general discription is "sheer anarchy and chaos". As "president" bush drags his feet on the situation the country is up in flames and the people are fleeing by the boatload. Too bad Haiti, if only you had some oil or something, maybe then we'd pay attention.

and more from the sour grapes department "president" bush has strengthened restrictions on travel to cuba. Now, this totally makes sense because we are embroiled in the bitter cold war and we can't let the vicious Cuban Communism spread to the rest of the world..... oh wait, that's not true at all. Like most of bush's administration, this is a bizarre throwback to the cold war. Can't you guys just make up now? Come on, you'll support Pakistan but not ease trade restrictions with Cuba? what's the matter with you?

- HakujinJoe (the artist formerly known as Lil' Joey Murder, hey new spot new name....can you dig it suckas?)