Friday, February 27, 2004

Can't Rosie O'Donnel Just Disappear Already?

"I feel a spirit telling me about the presence of the letters "p" or "s"... Does the phrase "put up or shut up" mean anything to you?" It soon will for TV paranormal personality John Edwards, whose show "Crossing Over" claims to be a forum for JE to speak with the dead. A sceptic and self-described "mind-illusionist" from Melbourne, Australia named Mark Mayer is hoping to use a complaint with Consumer Affairs to force John Edwards to either prove that he can communicate with the dead, or admit that he is a fraud on his tour of the continent-sized former prison. I wonder if an admission to "shamelessly exploiting greiving families for mediocre TV ratings" is an acceptable third option.

And Maybe Soon You Will Only Read About Hummers In Maxim... In a bit of automotive-themed good news, it looks like sales of the ridiculous bohemouth SUV, the Hummer, are plummeting while sale of Toyota's 50 mile per gallon hybrid car the Prius are taking off. While sales of both the Hummer and the Prius are on the margins, they signal a trend of consumers smartening up about their car choices and moving towards more fuel efficient cars. Apparently the consumers are still way ahead of the Bush administration which offered business owners a $100,000 tax deduction if they purchased a giant SUV weighing more than 6,000 pounds.

What Do Forest Creatures, Telepathic Dolphins And The Sikh Geek Have In Common? A gigantic love for Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich. While he is laughed off by the media and "sensible" politicos, Dennis Kucinich has run a fantastic and inspiring campaign based more on being unafraid of being who you are or talking about the world you want, than appealing to an electorate or TV's talking heads. He's the man Nader couldn't be.

Miraculously, Now Is A Very Politically Convenient Time To Have A Conscience John Hogan, after firing Bubba "The Love Sponge" and dropping Howards Stern from his Clear Channel affiliates, told Congress Thursday that he was "ashamed" of the "Bubba" show and that "We (Clear Channel) were wrong to air that material." Funny, Hogan didn't have any problem airing Bubba three months ago when he was slaughtering a pig onair or giving away boob-jobs to female listeners for Christmas. Why the sudden change of heart? It wouldn't have anything to do with government pressure and the sudden realization that shock-shows might be more expense than profit? I wouldn't expect something so low from a media conglomerate that sponsored pro-war rallies to curry favor from the government. A boob gets flashed on TV and only weeks later there is a huge government spurned fall-out, but the 9-11 Commission can get cut short so it doesn't cockblock W's re-election bid and no one bats an eyelash? WTF?

-The Sikh Geek