Thursday, February 26, 2004

Did Howard Stern Actually Call For "A Regime Change" Against Our "Ratfink" President? Pinch Me.

We Are Romans Part II The LAPD shot and killed a man suspected of stealing $180 on live television Tuesday morning, after a ninety minute car chase. As the chase concluded, the suspect slowly backed his car up towards the officers, upon which the emptied eleven rounds into his back windshield and killed him. LAPD policy states that shooting "at or from a moving vehicle is generally prohibited," but the officers swore that they were "fearing for their lives." While the LAPD swore to investigate with "a fine-toothed comb" (cough cough), the real scum buckets seem to be the LATV and their giddy "drop anything for a live police chase" excitement. KTLA took the moving step of announcing that their cameras would now pan to a wide-angle shot if a chase is thought to be ending, and KABC's news director said the station "(tried) as best we can to handle this situation in a sensitive fashion. But it is live television." So Janet Jackson's right boob causes a national uproar and lighting-fast government action, but a live broadcast of a man being shot to death for $180 under questionable circumstances is allright? I guess the Harris poll was right; public execution makes us less squeamish than a woman's body.

Worst State Ever. Ever. Go Florida! Not only are you the home to a legion of scummy strip clubs and mini-mall tattoo parlors. Not only did you illegally push Bush into the White House. Not only are you the nation's dangling phallus. But you're still holding on to that weird little 19th century practice the rest of us tried to get rid of. Slavery.

But It Still Doesn't Take Away From The Tasteful Nail-Necklace Merchandising... Here's a quick list from Beliefnet of two dozen scenes from "The Passion of The Christ" that aren't in the Bible and have a sketchy basis. Nope, the Jewish high priest didn't actually taunt Jesus from the foot of the cross and neither were the Matrix-esque fight scenes in the Book of Books.

Army Of One, Rape Force Of Many The US military is facing a flurry of charges as 112 reports of sexual misconduct in the armed forces have come out in the last 18 months. Two dozen women at Sheppard Air Force base reported being sexually assaulted in 2002, and last year the Air Force Academy in Colorado disclosed that over 50 incidents of sexual assault occurred over the past decade.

The Smart Money's On Some Dude From A Freaky Secret Society Getting Elected

-The Sikh Geek