Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hatred For The Past and Present

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ..." "House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said today there is no constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state as the Supreme Court prepared to take up a case challenging the display of the Ten Commandments on the Texas Capitol grounds." "I hope the Supreme Court will finally read the Constitution and see there's no such thing, or no mention, of separation of church and state in the Constitution." As the former governor of Connecticut John Rowland can attest to, bold grasps at religion are the desperate last moves of corrupt bastards.

A Word From Our Sponsor: Bad Idea Jeans Looking good Arizona! "The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to let people carry weapons - including guns, grenades, rockets, mines and sawed-off shotguns - into schools, polling places and nuclear plants if they claim they're only trying to protect themselves. The vote on the legislation came after Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix, pointed out it would bar prosecution of those who want to bring a weapon into the House or Senate. Despite that, lawmakers gave it preliminary approval on a 30-16 margin."

Pretty Vacant Indeed "The bass player and father of two, who co-wrote The Sex Pistols' biggest hits, Anarchy In The UK, God Save The Queen and Pretty Vacant, hates it when his children, now 11 and seven, hear obscenities on the radio or TV. "It's pathetic when people just swear for the sake of it," he said in a carefully pre-recorded interview to be broadcast this Sunday."

Well, I Guess It COULD Get Worse Buck up millions of American without health care! If you get sick, at least there will still be hospitals that will still exist to overcharge. No such luck for the residents of the most batshit country on the face of the earth, Turkmenistan. Their glorious leader has just shut down all of the hospitals save for one. Said President Niyazov, "Why do we need such hospitals?" He has also in the past ordered the construction of ice palaces in the middle of the desert, a giant revolving gold statue of himself and a national holiday to celebrate the muskmelon.

-The Sikh Geek