Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This Country is going to Hell and I blame YOU

Yes you. I am talking about those of you who thought Nader or Cobb were the best candidate but voted for Kerry. You allowed the Democratic party to scare you into voting for your second (or third) choice. You allowed yourself to be bullied. The result? Nothing but negatives. Let me list them:

1. Four more years of Bush. Your votes did not change the outcome of the election.

2. More importantly, the Democrats now know that they can bully the far left into voting for them. What does this mean? It means they will now go after the middle for 2008. The next Democratice candidate will be closer to the middle than Kerry. They know that they have your votes locked up because even if they throw out a moderate Republican "Democrat" he will still be better than whoever the Republicans put up there.

If everyone who thought Nader was the best candidate was able to vote for him and did, the Democrats would have to look at how to solidify and energize that part of the party. To look at how to bring those people back into the fold. I hope the answer to that would be Barack Obama in 2008. Obama would (1) energize Nader supporters in a way few other Democrats can; (2) energize African-American voters. The passion of these two groups can in turn convince people in the middle.

But i think all the votes that went to Kerry as the lesser of two evils have ruined Obama's chances. The Democrats know they now need to move to the center.

Those of you that actually thought Kerry was the best candidate - fine, that's another argument. Those of you who think Bush is the best (i know there are some of you on here) need to get out more. It is the Kerry voting people who thought Nader would do a better job that i think fucked things up here.

Lil' Antonin , who was not allowed to vote for Nader because he was not a 'registered write in' candidate in Ohio