Friday, April 29, 2005

Today's Top News: Now Safe for Nerds.

Thatcher, frustrated at failure of Conservative Party, leaves Britain as election nears Back to Mordor, it seems.

Speaking of permanent minority parties... "Give 'em Heck" Harry Reid says it will take "a miracle" for the Democrats to recapture the Senate. That's the spirit!

Schwarzenegger praises vigilante "Minuteman" border patrols; says group has been effective in halting illegal border crossings Irony is apparently not a strong point for the man from Austria. Nor, after this, will be his popularity among Mexican voters in California.

Iraq car bombs kill at least 23, wound at least 80 At least four others killed in Baghdad mayhem today.

Munch masterpieces likely incinerated by thieves Wait, what was the point of this robbery, again?

Iraqi Vice President says Sunnis may withdraw from government First, though, they'll have to actually join the government.

Islamist Web site reports Bin Laden dead, then alive Let's compromise: He's undead, like Dracula.

Interesting read: How evangelical Christians are creating an alternative universe of faith-based news Or, as Jose Ortega y Gasset said, revolution is not the overthrow of the existing order, but the establishment of a contrary order.

-Consider Arms